About Us



Our Goal is to make sure that we provide the best experience in exposing your talents to College coaches.

We cannot guarantee you that you will receive a scholarship offer by the end of this event but we can certainly set the stage for those possibilities to exist by having selected you to attend and making you a part of a special group of players from a rich talented area. College Coaches recruit from all over the Country and can only attend so many events throughout the year. 

The setting we will provide is most rewarding for Coaches to recruit players and makes it easier to have the conviction necessary to recruit a player. 

Our Team

Over 14 years of experience

Lazaro Llanes

Coach Llanes is entering his 14th year running Selective Recruiting Events and Showcases. Throughout his career, Laz dedicated 10 years as a High School Coach, High School Administrator, and Athletic Director.

More recently, he has been a scout for 8 years for the Miami Marlins, and currently for the Milwaukee Brewers. Coach Llanes invest fully in the betterment of the player and doing anything he can do to achieve their goals.

Eric Florin

Coach Florin is currently entering his fourth year as a Teacher and Head Coach at SLAM Miami Charter. He began working part time with Selective Recruiting three years ago.

Coach Llanes wanted to bring someone on board with the same mentality as him. Someone who would put the success and accomplishments of the player over his own. He brings passion and excellent drive to help the Selective Recruiting brand continue to thrive!