TOP 100 Showcase

We want to again thank you for your decision to be part of our very this years TOP100 Showcase event. We believe that we are providing a very unique opportunity to be seen by Coaches at some of the best Colleges in the nation.  Unlike other showcase events, we will have all of our activities in one baseball field to give Coaches the best chance to see players.  Each day the games and practices will be held in the one location, not multiple.

Goals & Objectives

Our Goal is to make sure that we provide the best experience in exposing your talents to College coaches. We cannot guarantee you that you will receive a scholarship offer by the end of this event but we can certainly set the stage for those possibilities to exist by having selected you to attend and making you a part of a special group of players from a rich talented area.

SIGN UP 2019

We have over 20 players committed to College/Universities from our event!

SIGN UP FOR THIS YEAR’S Selective Recruiting TOP 100 Showcase event! The top 25 players from each graduating class will be selected. The showcase will be attended by some of the top college programs in the country!

The showcase will include


  • Two days of clinics/Practices
  • Recruiting seminar with college coaches. During this seminar college coaches will provide insight on the recruiting process, their stories, and what players/parents should be looking for in a school.

Each Player will also get a recruiting video, at no additional Cost.

Here are some of the schools that attended last year’s event:

Wake Forest, FIU, Vanderbilt, NC State, Alabama State, Stetson, George Washington University, Samford University, Manhattan University, Seton Hall University, Rutgers University, and Fordham University.

Those interested in participating MUST attend one of the tryouts. 

  • Those that are selected will have the opportunity to participate in Selective Recruiting’s this year’s TOP 100 Showcase event! 
  • You must tryout to be selected to participate!
  • If you tried out last year, you must try out again
  • If you were chosen last year, you must try out again
  • If you are currently committed to a university, you will NOT be permitted to participate in the event.
  • Tryout spots will be limited by position and graduation year. No-Walk in’s will be allowed. Only 25 players from each class will be selected for the event
  • You are required to attend only ONE of the tryouts.       

Just $65 



Credit Disclaimer: The credit card information will be used to process the tryout fee. The tryout fee is $65. As soon as your card is processed we will email you a receipt.

Thank You.