About Us

Selective Recruiting continues its ninth year providing tools for College Coaches to recruit players in the South Florida baseball scene. College Coaches were aware of the talent in our area; however there were some obstacles that did not allow for more recruiting, one of these can be the fact that the college coaches did not know how important baseball and academics were to these players and the willingness of these players to relocate in order to play college baseball. “I always remember, as a high school Coach, how hard it was to convince Coaches to recruit my players” said Lazaro Llanes, president of Selective Recruiting.  “I had a vision and today players are committing to schools at a rate of more than double of what it was 9 years ago’’.

There are three major reasons why Coaches recruit in our area today:

The intensive work conducted by Selective Recruiting exposing the talent in the area
The players are extremely talented and committed, and are well coached
The level of competitiveness is so high in South Florida

Simply put, our players are better prepared to compete at the college level


I recently sent my son on your In-State Florida tour and I was nothing less than thrilled with the experience. He had a great time on the trip and has received several phone calls from well-established programs. We have not been able to do all the summer ball travel teams so I know the attention he is getting is a direct result of this trip. In my opinion there is no better and more cost effective way to get your child seen and recruited. Oh and by the way, what we learned on this trip has helped us to further pursue other schools, mostly up North.

Thank you for always being available to speak to coaches on his behalf.

-Michael F. Spano, Esq


I felt that the Selective Recruiting trip was a great experience not just for baseball, but also seeing many fine schools that I have never seen or heard of before . It was awesome traveling with the players and coaches visiting many schools. With how many schools we visited in such little time was incredible. While spending hours on end on the bus you get the chance to meet and become new friends with a lot of the player and coaches. It wasn't an easy trip, but it was a total success and worth every cent.

I recommend that if you get the chance to go on Selective Recruiting do it, you won't regret it.

-Carter White


I have been a high school coach for the past 5 years and have not seen anybody that does it better. I have taken my family vacations around this trip both outside and inside the state. I have seen recruiters at every game (as much as 30) and they stay till game finishes.

I honestly believe is the best recruiting service in the country hands down.

Thank you

-Luis Padron


Being a part of the Selective Recruiting trip has been one of the most rewarding decisions in my baseball career. The trip was a life changing experience for me, not only as a baseball player, but also as a person. Throughout the trip I had the opportunity to hear different viewpoints from a variety of college coaches as it relates to the recruiting process and the importance of maintaining a strong GPA. Being able to visit 30+ universities in the span of nine days was a mind blowing experience and one that I will not forget for the rest of my life. My teammates and I forged special bonds that will last a life time. The result of this trip was my formal commitment to Campbell University.

It's was an experience of a lifetime and I would do it all over again.

-Justin Lamazares



I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and let you know what a tremendous experience your out-of-state Selective Recruiting trip was for my son Andrew. As a parent, I believe the most important gift you can give your child is a variety of experiences and opportunities. These opportunities help build a well rounded person that is capable of taking risks and achieving goals that are sometimes outside of their comfort zone. This trip was an opportunity of a lifetime for a teenager that previously only saw himself attending a college in Florida. The reality is, due to the limited number Division I programs in Florida, and these schools recruiting as many, if not more, athletes from outside the state, many good baseball players end their careers early. For most, by the time a player realizes a Florida school is not recruiting them, it's too late to try for a spot on any other programs.

By taking part in your out of state trip, it allowed my son, as well as the other young men, to see that there are many amazing colleges around the country that may be a perfect fit for their needs and future goals. It also afforded them the opportunity to play in front of collegiate coaches that may not have had the opportunity to see them if not for this trip.

As a parent of a rising junior, the number one request from most college coaches is to see my son in person at one of their camps. Visiting 3 to 5 schools will cost anywhere between $5000 to $10,000 after paying the cost of the various camps and travel expenses. Thanks to the Selective Recruiting trip my son saw over 20 schools and played in front of over 30 coaches for a price much lower than 3 trips!

Thank you again for this opportunity. Thanks to you, Andrew now has several schools keeping an eye on him as a possible future player for their programs.

-The Garcia Family


Carter, Myself , and Sandy would like to Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for all you and the Selective Recruiting Program has done for him. Selective Recruiting is in our opinions the BEST program bar none to prepare him for the next chapter and journey in his quest to realize his dream to play baseball at the collegiate level and hopefully beyond. Carter has participated in most phases of travel ball as well as showcase tournaments ( Perfect Game, Showball, Prospect Wire, etc) over the past 4 to 5 years and NONE have come close to the exposure to college coaches you and Laz have been able to accomplish over one summer with your Summer College Tours trip. Carter received several offers from reputable colleges all because of you and Laz. Carter was also honored to represent Southeast Region thru Selective Recruiting, and the two of you in Cary, North Carolina at the USA Identification Series which was an unbelievable experience, every talented ball player should endure in his lifetime.

If anyone interested in your program has any questions about Selective Recruiting please feel free to have them contact us as living proof that you guys ARE THE BEST. I truly mean that. Again Thank You for everything and all your hard work. We will keep in touch!

-Gary Brugman


I really don't know how to express my gratitude to Lazaro Llanes for giving my son such an unbelievable experience that would last him a lifetime. Words can't describe how a 9 day trip could changed his life on how he sees education & baseball a whole lot different. You see Selective Recruiting is not only baseball, its also educational and that’s what attracted me to the program. Best of all the trip was by invitation only which meant they hand picked every player on that bus, which made me more at ease. Everyone talks about the whole tournament thing and how great it is and also how much exposure your kid gets, I personally think its a waste of time and money so therefore I invested in Selective Recruiting because it offered something different, and lo and behold it did not let me down. After traveling through 5 states, seeing more than 25 universities & colleges, and playing 4 different games in the southern region my son had a quite a few offers on the table shortly after that. As a single mother thats all you can hope for and therefore I believe it’s been the best money ever spent, let alone best life changing experience that was ever given to my son and for that I am forever grateful. There is no tournament or showcase in the world that can compare to what these kids go thru in a span of 9 days. In tournament and showcases kids can't have one on one with the coaches. Here they have the opportunity to see many schools a compare them to one another. Tell me how many tournaments & showcases let you do that. Also tell me how many times they get the opportunity to see where a school is located and whether or not they like that city or town or region for that matter. I researched that if I took that same trip with my son alone it would cost me a whole lot more than what Selective Recruiting asked for it.

There is nothing out there better believe and trust me when I say that. You get a whole lot more than what you pay for, and for that I will be an ambassador to Selective Recruiting and their staff, for providing my son with such an experience that would last him a lifetime.

-Ana B Aparicio